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 “Sharon Simon will have audiences on the floor from the abundance of laughter her show brings.”


- Sharon Simon brings laughter wherever she goes. She is a regular headliner in the comedy mecca of New York City, performing at the legendary club.

She is a regular at Greenwich Village Comedy Club, tours most weekends as a headliner, and continues to grow her chops in sketch comedy.

“I love taking people on a journey where we remember it’s fun to laugh at ourselves,” Simon said.

“When I get offstage after headlining and the audience members thank me, I know I’m in the right profession.”


She’s starred in comedy films featured in the Comedy Bop Festival and produces a live show called “The Mating Game” where she helps find comics love within the industry.


A jack-of-all-trades with clean comedy, Sharon is guaranteed to have audiences everywhere rolling on the floor laughing. She has been featured on the stage at Saturday Night Live, The Patrice O’Neil Roast, The Wendy Williams Show, Yearly host of the NYC Pride Parade and More! “Sharon comes onstage like a house of fire and takes you on a fun ride.”


-Eddie Brill, talent coordinator of Late Show David Letterman “Sharon Simon’s comedy pokes fun at everything.

Basically, when ‘Simon Says Laugh,’ you should listen.”


-Henry Gold, Stand Up New York “She has grown into very solid comedian who always brings the funny”


-Al Martin owner of Broadway Comedy Club, and Greenwich Village Comedy Club Sharon Simon has audiences howling with laughter with her always hysterical comedy.

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